Jörg Herrmann – Die Personalberater

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TOP CONSULTANT 2014/15 - Personalberater


In the business sector “EUROing Personal”, we are searching for and placing engineers (m/f) for all branches, from both home and abroad.

Our offer to interested candidates (m/f) is as follows:

  • Regardless of which country you are from, we are constantly looking for engineers (m/f) for establishments and facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • As you probably know, the German engineering industry has a very good reputation worldwide. With your involvement and advanced training within German establishments, you will be well positioned to benefit from the credit associated to the strong reputation German companies have in this industry
  • Generally we place engineers (m/f) for all branches. Now and again there are cycles in which special branches have a ‘boom’ and other times have very few or no vacancies at all. Please feel free to ask us – we will let you know immediately
  • To start your successful placement, we need your personal data (CV), your career aspirations and above all a detailed and significant description of your complete skills as engineer (m/f)
  • Equally, whatever country you are from, from initial contact with us until you start working at one of our clients’ establishments, we support you. Very importantly – we assure you that all of our services are free of charge for you!
  • We look forward to receiving your enquiry –
    please contact us with any questions you may have.