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TOP CONSULTANT 2014/15 - Personalberater

Managers and Experts

We work on behalf of our clientes to take care of the entire process surrounding the search and selection of suitable candidates. Although we get paid by our clients, we also do everything to ensure the very best service is provided for our candidates (f/m). Within the first four years, over 95 percent of our candidates (f/m) stay in their new positions demonstrating a very high level of satisfaction with our company – from both our clients, and their candidates.

What we do for you in detail:

  • Regardless of whether you are interested in one of our current job advertisements, or you would like to proactively apply for a job (= pool) we are happy to help you and provide advice
  • To start with, we clearly explain the entire process of search and selection and keep you updated on current opportunities
  • The first step (“to be shortlisted”) will be intensive and may require an interview with myself, eventually we will talk about your next career move and how that fits with your opportunities
  • In the advanced stages of the selection process, we discuss confidentiality and how we can secure your interests
  • In the end there will only be one successful applicant (f/m). All other applicants will receive a letter of refusal and get their documents back in due course. By request, we also provide advice and feedback as to why you where not successful and we offer you inclusion into our pool. If you wuld not like this, please let us know and we will delete all your documents (exept for the covering letter) and confirm this as well in written form.

Have a look at our current job vacancies:

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Alternatively you can be included as a candidate (f/m) in our pool right here:

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