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TOP CONSULTANT 2014/15 - Personalberater


On behalf of our clients in the “EUROing Personal” sector , we are searching for engineers (m/f) for all branches.

  • Generally our clients are industrial establishments of varying sizes and types across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also work with establishments which offer technical services (e.g. “engineering”) and/or technical guidance, as well working within the public services sector
  • In principle we are able to look for engineers (f/m) of any branches for you. With former candidates, regardless of whether they came from an EU or Non-EU-country, the branches or specialisations wished for, were offered in their respective home country.
    Therefore it is absolutely mandatory that we receive a detailed and significant profile of requirements for each vacancy to be filled
  • We don’t only look for engineers (m/f) in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide. Together with our cooperation partners we are able to operate directly on-site and we can look for suitable candidates (m/f) and speak to them in academia, or in using many different ways
  • If you require further information
    please do not hesitate to contact us!