Jörg Herrmann – Die Personalberater

Employment. Accomplishment. Success.

TOP CONSULTANT 2014/15 - Personalberater

Company History

  • 1988
    Jörg Herrmann went into business for himself as a personnel and corporate consultant in Bayreuth
  • As of 1995
    International mandates initially in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Honduras
  • 2003/04
    Started in the public health sector by building up the business sector “EUROmed Personal” (placement of f/m doctors)
  • 2004
    Relocation within Bayreuth; being the “new neighbour of Richard Wagner” in Wahnfriedstraße 3, right next to Villa Wahnfried
  • As of 2004
    Built up exclusive partnerships initially in Bulgaria, then Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Kosovo and Albania
  • As of 2011
    Setup the new business sector “EUROcare Personal” (placement of registered nurses)
  • 2011
    Further relocation within Bayreuth due to rapidly growing business; now on 323 sqm office space in Wirthstraße 2
  • As of 2012/13
    Continued focus on building up the business sector “EUROing Personal” whilst also scheduling further business sectors of international personnel consulting
  • As of 2012
    Development of Strategic Alliances in European markets, in addition to countries external to the European regions, with an additional focus on building academies to qualify managers and experts from abroad, for the German public health sector.
  • 2012
    Achievement of the award “TOP-CONSULTANT” for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany